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We believe our children deserve a better education:

  • An education that helps make the world more equitable, inclusive and peaceful
  • A whole-person education that prepares them for all their roles in society (member of communities from family to local/national/global movements) and not just their economic role
  • Education that is embraced as a pursuit of a community (not only children but also their parents and the stewards in schools) rather than an individual rat-race (because there are more losers than winners)

The mass schooling system that evolved over the last two centuries has been broken for a long long time. One of the few silver linings in the #covid19 pandemic — with extended periods of dysfunctional schooling-at-home and an inability to predict an “after” where schools can function as they used to — is that it has shone a spotlight on the failings of the conventional system

We now have a golden opportunity to build a Re-imagine our schools as Schools 4.0: Learning communities for whole-person education towards a more compassionate world

Please note that the site is still under construction; in the meantime please follow  Schools 4.0 Lanka on our social media channels.